Ichor Engineering Success Stories

Gas System Controls

Problem Background: A major semiconductor equipment company needed to develop a gas system with tighter accuracy and lower overall cost to enable next generation processes and remain competitive.

Solution: Ichor worked with them to develop a next generation gas system utilizing PTI technology.

Result: The new gas system reduced material cost by 20% while providing a 2x improvement in system accuracy.

Innovative Engineering

Problem Background: A well-known process equipment manufacturer launched an engineering project to develop a lower cost, compact MBE system that would enable it to gain market share in the R&D MBE system space.

Solution: They partnered with Ichor to develop the complete tool platform and meet a tight market window and aggressive footprint requirements.

Result: Ichor successfully met all project objectives by reducing cost by 35% and footprint by 40%. The platform won the Compound Semiconductor (CS) Industry Award for the biggest breakthrough in compound semiconductor manufacturing.

Meeting Aggresive Goals 

Problem Background: A leading developer of wafer processing equipment was developing a new tool platform with increased wafer throughput and decreased COO. The development had an aggressive timeline and cost targets.

Solution: The company partnered with Ichor to develop the most complex sub systems on the tool.

Result: Ichor engineering was able to meet the aggressive development timeline and to offer innovative solutions to meet cost targets.

Capable Development Partner

Problem Background: A major semiconductor equipment vendor was developing a new ALD platform and was looking for a development partner. The GMS for this product needed to be 50% of the current platform.

Solution: Ichor provided a proposal using our K1s substrate technology that helped them meet their footprint requirements. As a result we were selected as their development partner.

Result: Ichor successfully met all project objectives and reduced the footprint by 50%. 

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