Ichor Systems Research

Best in class research facilities and lab

World-Class Facilities

With two main research sites in Fremont, CA and Tualatin, OR, Ichor Systems is well positioned for designing and testing new prototypes for our global partners. Our highly-trained engineers create test procedures that simulate end user conditions in order to ensure reliability and production readiness. We offer both Class 100 and Class 10,000 clean room facilities for customer-specified testing, assembly, and integration of high-purity systems. Our capabilities span plastic and stainless machining, welding, assembly, and packaging. These features allow us to be a world-class source for prototyping and assembly of full-scale production units.

Ichor maintains dedicated best-in-class gas and liquid research and development laboratories and possesses extensive proprietary knowledge of gases, chemicals, chemical systems, and advanced reactor process equipment design.

The modules and advanced process systems engineered by Ichor are tested in real-time during the early stages of the product development process, often with live process chemistries, ensuring robust solutions that meet your requirements.