Manufacturing Support for Advanced Systems


Ichor Systems offers a wide range of thermoforming capabilities to serve our customers’ needs, be it a stylish and crispy detailed cover, or a heavy duty large panel. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities span the entire product development process from mold and tool-making to state-of-the-art CAD-CAM programming.


Ichor offers complete in-house mold making and tooling capabilities under one roof. Our special projects team, composed of skilled and experienced technicians armed with the latest technology in CAD-CAM, is capable of tackling the most challenging projects. Localizing the production of molds and tooling allows faster production at lower costs, with quality to meet the most exacting standards.


Thermoplastic welding is often the most cost effective method of fabrication. This is especially true with chemical containment systems. Our experienced team can weld any thermoplastic polymer and many technical plastic materials on the market today.


When close tolerances and complex shapes are required, CNC machining is the method of choice. Ichor’s engineering team works closely with the CNC Department personnel to assist customers with problem resolution and process control during the early stages of production. Ichor has the CNC resources, equipment and expertise to meet all our customers’ needs.


Many applications require parts that are fabricated from formed or machined components. Usually secondary operations are required for additional components and attachments. Ichor provides complete fabrication services to cover a wide range of client requests.


Ichor has multiple assembly lines dedicated to both clean room and non-clean room assembly. We have the capacity for both simple and complex electro/mechanical assemblies.