Design Engineering

Ichor provides a broad range of design engineering services which are considered "Best in Class" by global capital equipment suppliers across US, Europe and Asia. Our seasoned engineers play a crucial role in transitioning your component, sub-assembly or system from concept to production, and anywhere in between. We create and manage all related documentation (2D drawings, 3D models, assembly drawings, BOM’s, ECO’s, procedures, etc). Many customers consider our engineering team a seamless extension of their engineering department and often use us to overcome capacity, schedule and expertise constraints. We are constantly participating in design reviews-either at our customers’ request or on our own initiative-whenever and wherever it needs to happen. We always look for ways to reduce cost and improve, refine or simplify designs to optimize them for manufacturing, maintenance & performance.

Unrivaled Fluid Mechanics and Systems Engineering Expertise

We're capable of providing value at every phase of a product's lifecycle from concept to production


P&ID Development ● Concept Validation ● Value Engineering ● DFx ● Component/Supplier Selection and Qualification ● System Modeling and Analysis ● Conceptual Design/Layout ● Controls Architecture

Detailed Design

Project Management ● Mechanical Design and Engineering ● Electrical Design ● Controls and Automation ● DFx ● Value Engineering ● Vacuum, Gas and Chemical System ● Tool Integration ● Automation

Design Validation

Managed Build ● System and Sub-Systems Validation and Functional Testing ● Verification of Performance to Specification ● FMEA ● Reliability Testing ● Validate Manufacturability and Product Costs ● Analysis of Value Stream/Production Flow ● Lean Line Design

Pilot Production

Optimize Structure Tree ● Develop Automated Production Test Fixtures and Procedures ● Create Detailed Manufacturing Documentation ● Implement Lean Manufacturing Line ● Implement Training Plan ● Manage NCRs and ECOs


Volume Production

Release Product to Volume Production ● Configuration Engineering ● Manufacturing and Product CIP ● Cost Reduction Programs ● Value Engineering of Products Designed Outside of Ichor ● Utilize Ichor Preferred Suppliers to Reduce Costs

Proven Expertise

Ichor's unique skill sets have been developed over a long period of time and would be difficult to replicate

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Deep Knowledge

Our team is comprised of industry veterans with in-depth knowledge of gas and chemical delivery systems

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Complex Engineering

We provide customers innovative solutions to complex technical design and engineering issues


Support for Complex and Technical Projects

With an early and collaborative engagement model, our unique expertise compliments our customer’s core competencies:

  • Specification development
  • Requirements definition
  • Systems modeling & calculations
  • Fluid system P&ID development
  • Component selection
  • Chemical systems design
  • Gas systems design
  • Vacuum systems design
  • Pneumatic control systems
  • Mechanical design and packaging
  • Reconfiguration engineering
  • Electrical power and control
  • PCM design
  • Test systems
  • Quality control systems
  • Product structure trees
  • Obsolescence management
  • Control systems and automation

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