Inconel® Machining

Inconel machining is a difficult task, but Ichor Systems has decades of experience and expertise. Ichor manufactures a range of components for the semiconductor industry and the aerospace industry that use Inconel as a base material, and we’ll bring that experience to your custom machined Inconel project as well. Inconel is commonly used for applications where withstanding high temperatures and high corrosion resistance is required.

Ichor is an ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 certified and 13485 compliant company. We offer a class 100 cleanroom and provide turn-key solutions to simplify your supply chain, shorten lead times and reduce overall costs. Ichor provides one-stop shopping for Inconel Machining, Ultra High Purity Welding, CNC Tube Bending and more. Ichor also provides finishing processes that include Electropolishing, Anodizing and Passivation, Heat Treating, Cleaning, Leak and Vacuum Testing, as well as Class 100 Clean Room assembly and packaging. Ichor has expertise with Stainless Steel, Titanium, Hastelloy, Quartz and other difficult materials. Ichor takes on projects that others won’t!

Precision Inconel Machining at Ichor Systems

When you choose Ichor for custom Inconel machining, you’re choosing a high-quality CNC machine shop that is dedicated to providing supreme products and services that consistently exceed customer expectations. Using Ichor’s CNC Machining Centers to produce Inconel parts means that we’ll take care of all the details for you, and you’ll get the right product at the quoted price. Our motto for “Innovation with precision” means that we’ll work in partnership with you to engineer out cost through design for manufacturability and process development.

Contact Ichor to discuss your specific product engineering requirements. Or call us at 320-251-0390 for Inconnel Machining Services that meet the most challenging purity and dimensional specifications of demanding industries.