High Tech Industries

Process critical equipment and OEM manufacturing

Strategic Manufacturing Partner

Ichor is a leading global partner for developing and outsourcing capital equipment in high technology industries. We provide complete system integration services that enable total outsourcing of non-core equipment design and production requirements.

Semiconductor Equipment

Ichor partners with leading capital equipment manufacturers to design, produce and service their high performance process equipment

  • Ichor's gas modules account for about 12-15% of a semiconductor tool's cost of goods sold
  • Chemical and process modules account for 25-45% of a semiconductor tool's cost of goods sold.
  • Our refurbished equipment solutions provide semiconductor manufacturers with a cost-effective choice for their production needs in order to satisfy their performance goals and budgetary requirements.

Other Applications

Our engineering and manufacturing skills also apply to other industries

  • We provide quality solutions for complex engineering and manufacturing problems
  • Ichor's range of experience includes LED, Display, Biomedical, Aerospace, and Alternative Energy