Hastelloy® Machining

Ichor specializes in machining Ultra High Purity (UHP) components, including Hastelloy machining. Hastelloy can withstand high-temperature, high-stress environments and offers corrosion-resistance, which makes it an ideal metal to be used for high-performance machinery and tools. Ichor’s Hastelloy machining creates custom components for all your needs and has been used by the aerospace, medical, semiconductor and other technology industries.

Automated CNC machining centers are used at Ichor to work Hastelloy® C-22™ into custom parts. Our CNC machining centers provide optimal precision that ensures each part matches the exact dimensions of our clients’ designs.

Contact Ichor to discuss your specific product engineering requirements. Or call us at 320-251-0390 for Hastelloy Machining Services that meet the most challenging purity and dimensional specifications of demanding industries.