Value Added Manufacturing

Our unique manufacturing capabilities and worldwide locations allow us to deliver the highest standards of quality with superior performance and efficiency. We leverage the latest manufacturing technologies in order to meet strict demands for quality and on-time delivery.

Quality Ensured Manufacturing

Design - Ichor’s manufacturing engineering team develops operation method sheets (OMS) to ensure consistent product quality and performance.

Engineering - Ichor has the expertise to participate in a wide range of projects, ranging from process modules to turnkey process equipment.

Prototyping & Testing - Class 100 and Class 10,000 clean room facilities for customer-specified testing, assembly, and integration of high-purity systems.

Manufacturing - We have proven capabilities in plastic and stainless machining, welding, assembly, and packaging, which allow us to be a world-class source for prototyping and assembly of full-scale production units.


Change Control - We offer the highest standards of maintenance and quality control to ensure maximum reliability and flexibility for your supply chain.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Ichor has the required capabilities for turnkey manufacturing of complex equipment

Gas Delivery

Chemical Delivery

Panel Assembly

Systems Integration

Operational Excellence

  • Design, engineering and manufacturing of complex gas and chemical delivery systems and process equipment
  • Low volume/high mix manufacturing with quick ramp capability to production quantities
  • Superior quality, cost and lead time
  • Engineering design, change management and documentation
  • Transferring volume production from US sites to our Singapore facility

Manufacturing Expertise

  • Stainless machining, fabrication and assembly
  • Plastics machining, fabrication and assembly
  • Electromechanical assembly
  • Automation and motion control
  • High vacuum process systems integration
  • Manufacturing and test engineering
  • Controls integration
  • Functional testing
  • Process tool final integration and test

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